Jean-Claude Besse


Hi! My name is Jean-Claude Besse, and you reached my research website. (Looking for triathlon activities? Head over to my blog, partly in French.)

Since 2016 I work as a PhD student in the Quantum Device Lab in the Department of Physics of ETH Z├╝rich.

My research focuses on quantum optics in the microwave regime, engineering gates between itinerant light fields and artificial superconducting atoms.

Prior to joining the Qudev Lab, I worked on cavity optomechanics in the Painter lab at Caltech and on nanomechanical structures for quantum dots coupling with Imamoglu's group at ETH. I obtained a MSc degree in physics from ETH Zurich and a BSc in physics from EPF Lausanne, with an award for the 3rd best GPA overall (best Physics GPA).